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Freenode staff list


Donna "Sportchick" Crawford has put up a blog entry on the freenode staff blog listing the currently active 39 freenode staff members. Freenode is growing gradually towards 50.000 users, so we have quite a lot to do :-).

People readily available to help on very short notice are voiced (+v) in #freenode. Prefer to contact these whenever possible.

If none are voiced, just ask away in #freenode anyways. There are usually some staff reading and many questions can be answered by the channel regulars as well.

/who freenode/staff/*

will give you a list of currently online staff, people that have marked themselves away have a "G" (gone) in their who-line, folks that are there a "H" (here).

You can check when somebody has talked the last time by using whois with the nick appended twice, like

/whois JonathanD JonathanD

(yes, twice the nick!) and thus see who might be able to help for really private matters and who did just idle too long to be really near the keyboard.