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Internations Greasemonkey script to enlarge user images on mouse over


We've recently relocated to Beijing, China. A fellow expatriate invited me to Internations which is basically Xing with a focus on people living (or having lived) abroad. As I've used the Xing Greasemonkey script to enlarge user images on mouse over for years now, I missed that function on Internations immediately.

So I created a derivative of the Xing script which you can download here (2kB), v1.1.

Screenshot of the Internations web page

You need to install the Greasemonkey Firefox Addon and then click on the above download link to get the script which will automatically be active on Internations.

If you care, my shiny new Internations profile can be found here.


07.10.11 Updated to v1.1 to support Internations new NetDNA Content Distribution Network ( URLs. Thanks to Marc for the prod via the comment below.

20.11.11 I've seen a new URL scheme in this image. URL ending in _e__x.jpg. If that's not an error but a new scheme, I'll update the script to support it.

06.07.18 I've deleted my Internations account as the site does not seem to have gained enough traction to still warrant keeping an account around. The (understandable) need by the team to increase monetization ("Albatros membership") doesn't work well with having not much more to offer than local meetups organized by volunteers.


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Marc on :

Hi Daniel,

I updated my Firefox and the script stopped working. Are you going to put out an update?

Thanks, Marc

Daniel Lange on :

I'll try to find some time soon, I noticed it seized working as well but did not yet check whether Firefox, Greasemonkey or Internations broke the Internet. If somebody else fixes it first, please post patch or link in a comment.

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