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ICQ web status icons


ICQ has a feature to show your online status on a web page. You need to enable it in the "Security and Privacy" settings as indicated on ICQ's support page. Once you include<ICQ-ID>&img=5 in a web page you can show your online status like this: ICQ Online Icon #5(Online) and ICQ Offline Icon #5(Offline).

Now the page that used to show all the icons available (img=<number> parameter in the URL) 404's (with a very nice 404-cow). Try at whether ICQ fixed their pages.

A friendly

seq 1 30 | xargs -n 1 -I _num_ wget -O Online_num_.gif  ""

helped to get the Online (and similarly the Offline) icons in the mean time.

Looking at them I find these icons provide a nice glimpse into web design history.
ICQ was founded 1996 and has seen a lot of changes between being sold to AOL 1998 and on to in 2010. Aah, the '90s ... animated gifs anyone?
As you probably risk eye-cancer looking at them too long, the full glory of the available ICQ icons delegated to the full article view...

So these are the icons for on- and offline status from ICQ retrieved 11.02.2012:

NumOnline IconOffline Icon
1ICQ Icon Online #1ICQ Icon Offline #1
2ICQ Icon Online #2ICQ Icon Offline #2
3ICQ Icon Online #3ICQ Icon Offline #3
4ICQ Icon Online #4ICQ Icon Offline #4
5ICQ Icon Online #5ICQ Icon Offline #5
6ICQ Icon Online #6ICQ Icon Offline #6
7ICQ Icon Online #7ICQ Icon Offline #7
8ICQ Icon Online #8ICQ Icon Offline #8
9ICQ Icon Online #9ICQ Icon Offline #9
10ICQ Icon Online #10ICQ Icon Offline #10
11ICQ Icon Online #11ICQ Icon Offline #11
12ICQ Icon Online #12ICQ Icon Offline #12
13ICQ Icon Online #13ICQ Icon Offline #13
14ICQ Icon Online #14ICQ Icon Offline #14
15ICQ Icon Online #15ICQ Icon Offline #15
16ICQ Icon Online #16ICQ Icon Offline #16
17ICQ Icon Online #17ICQ Icon Offline #17
18ICQ Icon Online #18ICQ Icon Offline #18
19ICQ Icon Online #19ICQ Icon Offline #19
20ICQ Icon Online #20ICQ Icon Offline #20
21ICQ Icon Online #21ICQ Icon Offline #21
22ICQ Icon Online #22ICQ Icon Offline #22
23ICQ Icon Online #23ICQ Icon Offline #23
24ICQ Icon Online #24ICQ Icon Offline #24
25ICQ Icon Online #25ICQ Icon Offline #25
26ICQ Icon Online #26ICQ Icon Offline #26
27ICQ Icon Online #27ICQ Icon Offline #27

The empty (looking) offline icons have been intentionally created this way by ICQ. Probably because "who's online" pages with many accounts look less cluttered if only the online users have visible icons. How they managed to get Offline icons #18-20 to 811 Bytes while the Online ones are around 500 Bytes may remain their secret. The smallest empty (i.e. transparent) 1x1 GIF possible within the file format specification seems to be 43 Bytes. See Perlmonks - World's Smallest GIF.


20.07.2014: Looks like ICQ broke that web status feature. The URLs still redirect to online and offline images but these are not served from their web servers anymore, so calling will get you redirected to but that is giving a 404. So ... time to leave ICQ for good.


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Rytis Lukoševičius on :

Thanks for the detailed info :-)) I haven't used icq in ages and client poped up with a request to add this to the website :-) cause he works with Russia alot and they do use icq :-) So this was really helpful

Vlad on : does not exist

slog on :

it's working again, example :

img src=""

put your ICQ number in place of 1111111111 and choose icon type from 1- 6.

mio on :

Very cool... i started using ICQ again recently...

it's almost like i remember it in 1998-2002... but not fully yet these features are the coolest I've ever seen though APIs are always coooooool! :-D

and so many icons to chose from.... a true successful program has an API a free software api/public api with many options

and is easy to use... icq has both but I liked the old design better, in most ways/some ways

it's not fully the same with beaver images in my icq today in 2016.... :-( but almost... now it got chat rooms too..... that look exactly like chats back in 1995..... very cool if only i could create them on my Linux pc....

those chats are pretty nicely made.... but icq program is buggy.. cannot create rooms a few more bugs in linux client

but I'm sticking to ICQ... still the best chat program available and that they make an API proves it.... Msn messenger never had an api....

I also trust ICQ much more than skype.... skype is nasty to use IMHO. Not a fan of it ever. It looks all the same in all the design. Too cold design..... people dont like using it.

it 's more a voice program than chat program

no... give me real chats back, irc (quakenet) (mirc), or icq :-)

Michael Olsen,

mio on :

that xline line is pretty pro btw... couldnt have made it better .. been running linux since 1998 or so :-D

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