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Wikimedia Fundraiser Analysis III


The official Wikimedia fundraiser had been extended into January, 3rd 2008, has been kept up on the 4th and is kind of still running. The site notice has been trimmed down to a thank you message but still requests further donations, which are also continuously added to the official daily funds list and running totals as of the press time of this article.

I've presented two interim analysis

Today, let's wrap up the fundraiser until the second official close date 03.01.08:

From 22.10.07 until 03.01.08 43,837 people have contributed a total of $1,467,446 (US) according to Wikimedia's own stats (see the previous two articles mentioned above for a discussion of their reporting scheme).

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Wikimedia Fundraiser extended to 03. January 2008


I have just noted that the Wikimedia Foundation has extended the deadline for the fundraiser from 22. December 2007 to 03. January 2008. Here's the diff from the Fundraising FAQ.

The funds are currently coming in at just above 12,000$ a day and have so far reached 1.24m$, a huge sum sufficient to cover half of the technology budget Wikimedia proposed for it's fiscal year 2007/2008. That includes unspecified salaries, so may be the funds will be sufficient to operate Wikipedia a year. But obviously the total grants fall expectedly short of the total 4.61m$ planned for spending.