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ICQ web status icons


ICQ has a feature to show your online status on a web page. You need to enable it in the "Security and Privacy" settings as indicated on ICQ's support page. Once you include<ICQ-ID>&img=5 in a web page you can show your online status like this: ICQ Online Icon #5(Online) and ICQ Offline Icon #5(Offline).

Now the page that used to show all the icons available (img=<number> parameter in the URL) 404's (with a very nice 404-cow). Try at whether ICQ fixed their pages.

A friendly

seq 1 30 | xargs -n 1 -I _num_ wget -O Online_num_.gif  ""

helped to get the Online (and similarly the Offline) icons in the mean time.

Looking at them I find these icons provide a nice glimpse into web design history.
ICQ was founded 1996 and has seen a lot of changes between being sold to AOL 1998 and on to in 2010. Aah, the '90s ... animated gifs anyone?
As you probably risk eye-cancer looking at them too long, the full glory of the available ICQ icons delegated to the full article view...

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