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Cool, command-line style blog design


It's very seldom that a blog design catches my eye.

Screenshot of Pete Hindle's blog

Most common templates for blog systems like Wordpress or Serendipity are very well honed. Usability, accessibility and visual design of these systems and their default templates are are as good as it gets for the time being. Trying to do better usually fails. But Wordpress-CLI, which I found at Pete Hindle's blog manages to create a unique design. It may be inspired on the google shell (gosh) or older incarnations of the concept, e.g. WebCmd, but it is unique because it requires poking and trying stuff to expose the full functionality. A bit like an old school rogue-like game, it inspires playing with it to find out more. And it reminds nicely of command interfaces to BBS systems although the authors chose a syntax to resemble a unix based shell. You can try out different sub-designs at Rob McFarland's site. Obviously, usability still sucks, but it's worth it! Well done. And Pete: Please write some interesting entries in that blog now :-).