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Google Pagerank fuss


For a few weeks SEO types now moan, argue, analyse or celebrate (please submit links in comments section :-)) Google apparently reducing the pagerank (tm Google) of their sites. I guess creating unique content is a too labourous option. Whatever, if you were Ryan Stewart you could even spit out some epicaricacy.

So with all this fuss, I wanted to find out the pagerank (which previously never had any relevance to me) of some (of my) sites. I would not want to install the Google toolbar because I'm not into software that does "something" to my PCs, so I looked around for other options. Wading through masses of pages that offer Javascript to be embedded into your pages to show a pagerank image inline (no thank you), I found two viable options:

Give it a go. Some interpretation help: Pagerank 10 is the max., 7-9 is quite good, 4-5 means Google knows you, new pages start off at PR0.