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The Stallman wars

Open Source

So, 2021 isn't bad enough yet, but don't despair, people are working to fix that:

Welcome to the Stallman wars

Team Cancel: (repo)

Team Support: (repo)

Current stats are:

Team Cancel:  3027 signers from 1413 individual commit authors
Team Support: 6308 signers from 5057 individual commit authors

Git shortlog (Top 10):

rms_cancel.git (Last update: 2021-04-13 03:58:18 (UTC))
  1228  Neil McGovern
   251  Joan Touzet
    91  Elana Hashman
    72  Molly de Blanc
    36  Shauna
    19  Juke
    18  Stefano Zacchiroli
    17  Alexey Mirages
    16  Devin Halladay
    14  Nader Jafari

rms_support.git (Last update: 2021-04-13 14:20:00 (UTC))
  1682  shenlebantongying
  1568  nukeop
  1554  Ivanq
   840  Victor
   771  Job Bautista
   123  nekonee
    61  Victor Gridnevsky
    41  Patrick Spek
    25  Borys Kabakov
    17  KIM Taeyeob

(last updated 2021-04-13 14:25:22 (UTC))

Technical info:
Signers are counted from their "Signed / Individuals" sections. Commits are counted with git shortlog -s.
Team Cancel also has organizational signatures with Mozilla, Suse and X.Org being among the notable signatories. Debian is in the process of running a GR to join (or not join) that list. The 16 original signers of the Cancel petition are added in their count. Neil McGovern, Juke and shenlebantongying need .mailmap support as they have committed with different names.

Further reading:

12.04.2021 statements from the accused: